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Let there be Grass!! *cough* and flowers :)
Added Grass and Flowers to the ground to really bring out the environment. Control how much Grass and Flowers you have on your planet with a Slider in the Set...
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Dialogs and Icons everwhere
Have a tutorial system in place. New Icons on the UI.
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The Perfect game for Kyles!
The Night Sky
Put something special into the night sky.
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The Perfect game for Kyles!
Added some sugar and spice
Added a little goodness when you hit something. Letting you know what you are farming.
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Bonus System Implemented
All platforms updated with current version of the game. Bonus system has been activated and you will now farm objects that are closest to you first. This will r...
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Updates on all platforms.
This is a test of the bonus system.
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The Perfect game for Kyles!
Linux for BixxPlays
First release of Linux version. This version is actually a higher version than the PC version. PC Version will be released 4/21/2019
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New Mobile Controls & WEBGL Fix
Working mobile controls have been added. No more funky controls. Requires only 1 finger to play now. Also now supporting Android and WebGL(Full Game Demo withou...
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